Speaking Opportunities

Below is a list of the topics that Andrew is most frequently asked to speak about at weekend or week-long events. If you would like Andrew to present  these Bible topics or any others not listed below, please contact him to check availability.

1. Exploring Islam and Christianity

  • How is the Lord’s House?
  • Definitive Differences
  • Exploring the Bible and the Qur’an
  • Examining Jesus and Muhammad
  • Jehovah or Allah: There Is One God
  • Hijacking a Religion
  • Heaven, Hell, or Paradise?
  • Who Is Your Savior?

2. Making the Case…

  • That The Bible Is The Word of God
  • For The Real Jesus
  • That There Is A God
  • For the New Testament Church
  • For A cappella Praise
  • For Jesus Not Muhammad
  • For Marriage
  • For Baptism

 3. Kingdom Living: lessons from the Sermon on the Mount

  • True Spirituality (part 1) Matt. 5:1-6
  • True Spirituality (part 2) Matt. 5:7-12
  • The Outstanding Life – Matt. 5:13-16
  • The Fulfilling Life – Matt. 5:17-48
  • Growing with God – Matt. 6:1-18
  • How To Be Rich Beyond Wealth – Matt.6:19-34
  • Who Are You To Judge? – Matt. 7:1-6, 15-20
  • Knocking, Walking, and Building – Matt.7:7-14, 21-29
  • The Choice Is Yours – Matt. 7:13-14

 4. Building Your Marriage to Last

  • God’s Blueprint for Marriage
  • Becoming One: 4 Rules for Communication
  • God’s Kind of Husband
  • God’s Kind of Wife
  • Good Parents are Great Partners
  • Golden Advice on Marriage

 5. The Truth About The End-Times

  • What Is Premillennialism?
  • “End-Times” Escapism
  • You Won’t Be Left Behind (parts 1 & 2)
  • The Signs of Matthew 24
  • Looking for the Gog-Magog Alliance (Ezek. 38-39)
  • The State of Israel: God’s Miracle or Man’s Persistence?
  • The Future of Israel and the End of the World
  • When Israel Is In The News…
  • We Can Not Know When
  • The Day of the Lord

 6. That’s Why We Sing

  • The Case for A cappella Praise
  • Questions Raised by A cappella Praise
  • Singing and Making Melody (a study of psallo)
  • Sister Bertha’s Reprise: Division over Instrumental Music among churches of Christ
  • Music to God’s Ears
  • Sing To The Lord

 7. Bible Principles for Our Finances

  • Live Like God Provides
  • True and False: Bible Promises of Prosperity
  • Spiritual Strength During Financial Stress
  • The Christian and Wealth – Mastering Wealth
  • The Christian and Wealth – Contentment
  • It’s Not “Just A Job”
  • Fortune Lost!

8. Atheism, Evolution, and the Truth

  • They Say There Is No God
  • In The Beginning, God
  • It’s No Secret
  • The Stones Cry Out
  • The Uncommon Earth
  • What Noah’s Flood Washes Away
  • How Could A Loving Jesus Preach Hell?
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