A cappella Praise

Can Instrumental Music Save The Youth?

 “Where have all the young people gone?” It’s the heart-wrenching question too many older saints are asking among congregations of God’s family. The story is familiar: Children are “raised in the church” – they go to Bible class and worship assemblies, listen to gospel sermons, and are baptized. But after high school, some of these same children (now young adults) leave the church to attend a denomination or other religious group; some turn their backs on religion entirely.

A study published by Abilene Christian University reported that, “Forty-five percent of all teenagers raised in Churches of Christ end their affiliation sometime after high school graduation.” The study also noted nearly one-third lose faith in Christ altogether. What is to be done to retain the youth of the church? Will adding instrumental music to worship services save them? Read more…

A Cappella Singing… For All the Wrong Reasons?

 Explaining the exclusive practice of a cappella praise in worship to someone else can be tricky. Nearly everyone who has tried to do it can recall both positive and frustrating experiences. It’s tough, because not everyone has the same background as you. For instance, your next-door neighbor might have sung in the church choir all of her life. But the Bible pattern is congregational singing. Or, perhaps your co-worker runs the sound-mixer for the praise band on Sundays. They will question things that you take as a given. Their religious beliefs might be very different, and there can be tension when those differences come up. But such discussions are important kingdom work, and while it might be difficult, each one is a precious opportunity… Read more…

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