The Lion Is The Lamb

Are you interested in the End Times? Should Christians be fretting when Israel is in the news that Armageddon is upon us? So-called Prophecy Experts warn us that recent headlines and global events are signs pointing to the imminent “rapture” of the saved. Theories identifying various world leaders as the Anti-Christ abound. Could millions of believers just vanish at any second?

In The Lion Is The Lamb: A study of the King of Kings, His glorious kingdom, and His promised return, Andrew takes various End Times theories to the crucible of scripture. Here are 13 faith-building lessons, with clear, well researched, biblical answers to the questions believers and unbelievers alike raise about earth’s destiny.

The Lion Is The Lamb…

  • Declares that Jesus of Nazareth is the Christ.
  • Demonstrates that the messianic kingdom of Old Testament Prophecy is the New Testament church of Christ.
  • Refutes the eschatological system behind the Left Behind franchise.
  • Debunks the supposed biblical underpinnings of today’s Christian Zionist movement.
  • Prepares Christians to be better kingdom citizens tomorrow than they are today.

Order your copy of The Lion Is The Lamb here.

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