Islam Lectures

Andrew speaks to audiences around the country sharing the side-by-side quotations of the Qur’an and the Bible in a lecture series entitled “Exploring Islam and Christianity.” Message titles are listed below. Andrew has formated the material for 8 session series, 6 session series and even 1 session events. Messages can be selected for the maximum impact at your event. Also, if you contact Andrew with a specific focus for your event, a message can be crafted.

Exploring Islam and Christianity

  • How is the Lord’s House?
  • Definitive Differences
  • Exploring the Bible and the Qur’an
  • Examining Jesus and Muhammad
  • Jehovah or Allah: There Is One God
  • Hijacking a Religion
  • Heaven, Hell, or Paradise?
  • Who Is Your Savior?
  • Christianity Can Survive the Threat of Islam
  • Making the Case for Jesus not Muhammad
  • If I Had One Hour with a Muslim


You can find a selection of these lectures on video at the Glen Oaks church of Christ website.

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