Islam Studies

Andrew became deeply interested in learning about the religion of Islam following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. That year, Andrew was working in a preaching internship with the Brownsburg church of Christ. At the time, several members of the congregation had  questions about the religion and it was agreed that the “intern” ought to do a little study and bring a sermon or two explaining the major tenants of the faith-system.

That assignment launched years of reading, writing, and speaking on the subject of Islam and New Testament Christianity. Andrew found that many Americans relied on what social commentators or Muslim apologists said about Islam, but few read the Qur’an for themselves to learn the religion it reveals. He quickly realized there were discrepancies between what mainstream media was reporting about the nature and goals of Islam and what the Qur’an actually said on the same subjects.

His simple approach of opening the Qur’an and the Bible and setting their texts side-by-side on a host of theological and temporal issues has proven helpful to many. Here you’ll find articles on Islam and Christianity, information about the book Night and Day, as well as the lecture series, “Exploring Islam and Christianity.”

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