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The Grand Theme of the Bible

Part 5 in the “We Believe the Bible” series: 66 books with more than 100 characters and a great variety of stories and histories, but there is only one theme, one central person upon whom the whole Bible story is focused – Jesus Christ!

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God’s Miracle Workers

Part 4 in the “We Believe the Bible” Series: All through the Bible we can read about God’s servants performing miracles. They did things that clearly superseded the laws of nature, things that were contrary to the laws of nature. What was the purpose of the miracles? Why don’t we see these same types of things being done today?

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Archaeology: Unearthing Earthly Things

Part 3 in the “We Believe the Bible” Series: One of the reasons we trust the Bible is the amazing discoveries of Archaeology. Archaeology is all about Unearthing Earthly Things. Jesus challenged Nicodemus to believe the earthly things in order to believe the heavenly things. Christianity is a religion rooted in historical reality and fact.

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